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ScipherKey is a powerful data security App that keeps all your sensitive information on your Mac and iDevices. This includes User Names and Passwords, Credit Card and Bank Account information, PDF Documents, Images, and Secure Notes. ScipherKey is ***the only*** security App that allows you to synchronize your information on all your Apple devices (Mac and iDevices) ***without sending your data over the internet***. ScipherKey is completely free and there is no limitation on the number of items you can enter (except of course the memory space limitation on your device). No subscriptions or other hidden fees. Here is a list of main features: - Protect all of your private information using a single password. - Synchronize all information, images, and PDF files across all your devices securely without sending your information over the Internet and cloud. ScipherKey uses the Multi-Peer Connectivity for synchronization so it doesn't even need an Internet connection to synchronize your information. - Organize your information in a hierarchy of Categories, Items, and Fields. - Customize items by modifying/deleting existing fields or adding new fields. (9 different types of fields) - Add groups of images (Called Image Sets) to any item. - Add any number of PDF files to any item. - ScipherKey creates an encryption key based on your password and uses military grade 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt your information (including images and PDF files) - Use ScipherKey’s smart search feature to easily and quickly find the items you are looking for. - Use the built-in Password Generator to create strong passwords. - Lots of additional features including Auto-Lock, Secure Copy/Paste, temporary lock out on failed login attempts, Reset password using optional Security Questions, and more. - Organize your most used items in the Favorites list. ScipherKey also keeps a history of most recently view items. - Sync your information between Mac and mobile devices (ScipherKey for iOS is available from iTunes App Store). Please visit ScipherKey’s web page ( for more information.