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Record Anything. You can play the video and audio,cut them and merge them, finally export them to your desktop. But please note that, some functionalities require to buy In App Purchase. Video Tools is a video&audio editing software for Mac. With high-quality screen, video, audio, camera capture and powerful editing features, Video Tools helps you create incredible looking videos, software tutorials, game or screencasts. Video Tools can record the entire monitor while also capturing the audio – all at the same time! Video Tools has easy-to-use editing interface. The editor instantly loads your recorded video and audio sources and lets you quickly and creatively cut them and merge them .When you are done, one click to export directly to your desktop. Highest quality full screen recording Retina display? No problem. Our efficient algorithm enables full-screen, 2880 x 1800-resolution screen capture. Powerful, Easy video cutting and merging Video tool support multiple cut, so you can remove any part of the video or audio. When you are done, you can save the final cut video or audio to your media library. Then select any videos or music, one click to merge them to one. Accurately seeking Video tools support seeking accurately to frame. After you drag to any time, you can control the direction key(or click the direction button) to jump to next frame or previous frame. Video Opacity and sound fade Video tools has a setting panel, you can control the duration of the video opacity duration,also the duration of the sound fade in and fade out. Media Library Video tools has a media library, you can add your videos or music to it. And also you can save your final cut and merge video/audio to it. You can play the media easily. If you like, you can play any part of the clips of your video. Superior Export Quality & Speed Video Tools uses the popular x264 codec for significantly faster and higher quality H.264 exports. Video tools runs as a fully 64-bit application, which improves overall performance, memory usage, export speed, and scalability.