Screen Capturer Lite

OS X 10.7
Screen Capturer is a simple interface, very convenient recording tool. It can record automatically if you set start time and end time. It supports multiple screens and record audio from system sound card. Support hot-key operations, recording becomes so simple. Features: Record screen to movie. Support multiple screens. Record video from isight or camera. Record audio from build-in microphone, build-in input or system sound card. Set the video quality by the video preset and frame rate. Support pause recording and resume recording. Support to record custom screen area. Support to set automatic stop time. Support to set start time and end time to automatically record. Set custom saved path. Screen snapshot. Support convenient hot-key operations. Screen Capturer is a very useful screen recording tool. With it you can record fullscreen or custom region to videos. You may set video quality and choose audio device. Your movies will be very high quality. Give it a try! Please tell me( if you have any problem.