Screenshop: Screenshot Creator

OS X 10.12
Screenshop is the most advanced screenshot creator and designer on macOS! No need to deal with expensive or complex software anymore! Visit *** *** for demo videos, tutorials and more! Screenshop is intuitive to use, just drag&drop everything! Your editing happens directly on the canvas. What you see is what you get! It is highly optimised, so everything happens in realtime! It comes with a lot of beautiful designs and templates, which fulfill the requirements of the iOS App Store, Mac App Store and Google Play. Choose from a wide range of devices, also with a 3D perspective! Screenshop will fit your images to match every display perfectly, even the 3D ones! Drag&Drop devices to the canvas to add them, or drag&drop them to existing devices to easily switch them. Your images will immediately appear in the new devices! Drag&Drop Designs and Templates to the canvas to apply them. Your previously edited texts and dropped images will be reused, so you can test multiple Designs and Templates with the same content very quickly. Add fully customisable and rotatable text fields to the canvas and edit them right there. Easily add your own devices/items by choosing an image and marking the area, where the overlays should be placed. Add image masks for better control. Add your own designs and templates. The following effects can be applied to create amazing results: • Devices, text views and images can be drawn over all screenshots • Transparency • Rounded corners • Customisable image filters like Bloom, Blur, Distortion, Sepia. More than 100 image filters are available, any way combinable! Keyboard shortcuts will help you to edit devices more precisely. Shift: Move devices with half speed Control: Move devices in 20 pixel steps. It will also snap the devices to the center of the x-axis or y-axis when they get close Command: Scale devices Command + Control: Scale devices in 0.02 steps Command + Control + Shift: Scale devices in 0.05 steps ALT: Rotate Devices ALT + Control: Rotate Devices in 5 degrees steps Command + ALT: By dragging one device to another while holding ALT, the dropped images will be switched between those devices. ************************************************ For questions, suggestions or criticism, just contact me: