Screenshot to Folder

OS X 10.11
The application automatically moves the Screenshots from Desktop to a folder of choice.While moving, it could also rename the screenshots as per the requirements.It uses a special algorithm so that only the screenshots are identified and moved. It does not process any other images or photos. This helps to clean the clutter from Desktop and organize the screenshots in an efficient way. ** The application works in Real Time.This means that it will move the Screenshots from Desktop to a specified folder as soon as you capture it.It will also rename the Screenshots if specified by the user. With time, when we capture the screenshots , these start getting accumulated on the desktop.This makes desktop look messy and slowly makes finding the files difficult on the desktop. Since all screenshots have the same name, it makes it difficult to recognize the purpose for which the screenshots were taken. The application helps to improve the productivity by cleaning up the desktop and putting a meaningful name to the screenshots.(as specified by the user) The application is fully compatible with the system wide shortcuts for capturing the screenshots. You could capture entire screen, a window or a selection. The screen could be captured from multiple monitors as well. The application is very easy to use. Just give the application access to Desktop. After this, select a folder where you would like the screenshots to be created or moved. After this, please minimize the app or leave it in the Dock. Now, whenever you capture the screenshots using the shortcut, the application will automatically move it to the specified folder in real time. If you have specified a name for the screenshot, the application will take care of renaming them automatically as well.