Secret Empires of Magic

OS X 10.7
Travel to four magical lands of myth and mystery! Explore the gilded palaces of Arabia, the hidden shrines of Shangri-La, the ancient castles of Avalon and the mountain halls of Valhalla. Medieval ruins, hidden courtyards and more are filled with over 1000 carefully placed objects that you must find before time runs out. Switch to casual mode to enjoy a more relaxing challenge, and in either mode, discover fun sliding tile puzzle challenges for every land. Immerse yourself in a fantastic world of lost splendor with Secret Empires of Magic! Features: • Over 1000 hidden objects • 2 playing modes, casual and timed • Easily zoom in and out of scenes in Arabia, Shangri-La, Avalon, and Valhalla. • Evocative sound effects and immersive art • Fun seek and find gameplay • Includes bonus sliding tile puzzles • Skip to your favorite puzzle with easy controls