Shootout! : World Edition

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You've played the full 90 and overtime. It's now down to a penalty shootout. Will you lead your team to victory? Or will you crack under pressure and lose it all? Experience both sides of a penalty shootout! Play as the penalty kicker and score as many goals as possible or play as the goalie and block as many goals as possible. Score more goals than you give up and you win! How to play - Starting the game 1. Open the app 2. Press "Play" 3. Select your difficulty 4. Press "Start Game" 5. Press heads or tails for the coin toss 6. Begin the game Playing as the kicker 1. Tap the ball 2. Drag the ball to the desired location 3. Let go to shoot Playing as the goalie 1. Tap and hold the gloves 2. Watch the kicker take his shot 3. Drag the gloves to the location of where the ball is traveling to block the ball About Sirqul Sirqul is an engagement as a service (EaaS) platform that empowers influencers and brand advertisers to rapidly create dynamic mobile experiences and maximize customer loyalty. Influencers and brand advertisers engage with their users on a daily basis, monetize their brand, while maintaining authenticity via non-intrusive product placements embedded within the experience itself. Sirqul has powered global brands as well as key influencers to reach top positions in the US iTunes App Store for games while also generating over 30,000 5-star app reviews. Sirqul's methods are quickly revolutionizing targeted mobile advertising and awareness campaigns and is now taking the industry by storm.