OS X 10.8
ShortcutEdition has list of latest shortcut keys for OS X El Capitan. Visit for more Apps :- Features: -Menu Tab for list of apps.User can select the required App and see the list of shortcuts for the selected App. -User can learn how to use shortcuts -quick reference for the shortcuts. -Quick guide to find the shortcuts for the Apps listed -Displays the shortcuts and its description in a tabular view,user can scroll down and view all its contents. -Easy to use Shortcuts collected for the following list of Applications 1.Accessibility App Shortcuts 2.Activity Monitor App 3.Shortcuts for Alerts 4.AppStore 5.Calender 6.Console 7.Contacts 8.FaceTime 9.Finder 10.iTunes 11.Mail 12.Maps 13.Messages 14.Notes 15.Photos 16.Preview 17.PhotoBooth 18.QuickTime 19.Reminders 20.Safari 9(EI Captain) 21.Stickies 22.Taking Screenshots 23.Terminal 24.TextEdit 25.Toolbar Apart from these App Shortcuts 26.Basic of Shortcuts - How to use Shortcuts 27.Commonly used Shortcuts 28.Power Button Shortcuts 29.Commonly used document shortcuts 30.Shortcuts used at the time of Mac Startup 31.Shortcuts specific to Laptop Please feel to contact us if any issues :