Simon Says Transcription

OS X 10.12
**As featured in Apple's FCP X update Keynote (2018) Simon Says is the accurate auto-transcription tool: swiftly transcribe, subtitle, caption, and translate your audio and video. The Simon Says Extension is built for the new Final Cut Pro X with a seamless integration and as a fantastic complement for efficient editors. The application also operates standalone. It supports: -import of audio / video files (major formats and codecs) -import of FCP X events with projects and clips and exporting captions and ranges respectively -transcription languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and dozens and dozens more -subtitle translations for international versioning Additional features that are available in the website and are on the development roadmap for the extension: *View and edit the transcript (similar to a Google Doc) *Export to: -Adobe Premiere and Audition; -subtitle formats; -Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools; -Microsoft Word and Excel. *Subscribe to / cancel a plan About Simon Says is the advanced A.I. transcription and translation tool built for video pros. We make post production more efficient and save edits significant time and costs. Import audio/video and in 90 languages: they accurately transcribe, subtitle, caption, and translate in minutes. Our products: -Web: (cloud) -Desktop/laptop software (cloud) -FCP X Extension and Mac app (cloud) -on-premise Desktop/laptop software, for customers with high security requirements and where the A.I. runs locally (data is not sent to the cloud) Cost: Cost is based on the length of the media to transcribe and the rate your plan is entitled to. There are Pay As You Go and subscription plans: see the website for details. Feedback: Send us any candid feedback and feature requests.


Simon Says Transcription: 把视频里的对白自动转成字幕

为视频添加字幕,可以让更多人看到或搜索到你的作品,但将大量旁白与对话逐字逐句地转写,显然是一份耗时费力的工作。还好,有 Simon Says Transcription 帮你搞定。 这款 App 会自动转写视频中的话语,并生成字幕。它可以作为 Final Cut Pro 的扩展使用,集成到你现有的工...