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Do you need to keep a simple list of important tasks and or chores? How would you like a easy to use To-Do list manager that does 1 Important Task…. Create Task Lists! Introducing Simple To-Do List and Task Manager! Lets face it… there are a ton of Task Managers on the market that have included everything under the kitchen sink. Allowing you to create 100's of To-Do lists that Beep, Boop and probably even call you for lunch. But I have found as well as many other users of these over bloated applications have discovered is that apps that allow you to build lists containing 100's of items actually defeat the purpose… Preventing Procrastination! With so many items listed in your Task Manager how in the world are you truly able to stay on track without being overwhelmed and derailed because of the enormous amount of things you have listed. Thats not the only problem with over complicated task managers… The other issue you may have uncovered is trying to figure them out and actually use every tool they have stuffed into the application just so they can charge more money for it, leaving you stressed out. Again… defeating the purpose. Whether you need to create a honey do list, list of chores for yourself or the kids, tasks for personal projects, simple shopping lists, or other reminders without all the aggravation and useless add ons then Simple To-Do List and Task Manager is it. We have listened to users and stripped all the bloated junk from the application and kept it Simple! App includes 4 main lists that you can rename to your needs. Inside each list you have the ability to add and create 10 to 15 tasks in each list ( 40 to 60 total items ) which we designed purposely to keep you focused and on track. After you add and create items you have the ability to edit, open and delete when completed. You also have the option to write a more detailed description inside of each To-Do item. Simple To-Do List and Task Manager has been designed to help keep you from becoming Overwhelmed from List Creation Overload! The best part is that because all the bloated features have been removed this app is set at a lower costs for you. So if you looking for a Task Manager that will dance and sing you a lullaby then this app is not what you are need. But if your looking for a To-Do List maker that does 1 thing and does it exactly as you need it to then this app is for you. Download it Now!