Sleep-Wake Logger

OS X 10.11
Ever wondered how much sleep does your Mac actually get? There are many applications and processes that can wake your Mac or prevent it from entering sleep. If you regularly put your Mac to sleep or maybe never even turn it off, you might be interested if your Mac actually sleeps during the time you think it does. From energy consumption point of view this can make a big difference. This application runs in the background keeping track of your Mac's sleeping habits. The application records the time when your computer enters sleep and the time when it wakes up. It keeps a log of all such events and the sleep/wake state your computer is in. You can choose to display the data as a pie chart or as a spreadsheet. Rolling the mouse cursor over the slices of the pie chart the start and end time of the slice are displayed along with the duration in minutes. If you are interested in more details just click the Show Log button and the entire log is displayed in spreadsheet view. From there you can export the log data to a CSV file or you can clear the log if you choose to.