Slide Soccer – Multiplayer online soccer kicks-off! Championship Edition

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Have a ball playing soccer on your computer with Slide Soccer. You can play the game online with your friends, or with anyone in the world with the multiplayer option! Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. APP REVIEWS: -"Guaranteed fun, easy to control and a powerful multiplayer mode make Slide Soccer ”a must have” game". -"Slide Soccer is a new take on the mobile soccer genre. It plays kind of like Angry Birds meets Foozeball meets Shuffleboard". _ _ _ _ _ Slide Soccer gives players the ultimate mobile soccer experience: •Discover multiplayer on Slide Soccer by challenging friends and players around the world. •Choose between various levels of difficulty and different playing surfaces like grass, ice, or dirt to test your skills on slow or slippery fields. •Take shots with precision and ease. Have that mastered? Add impact! •Choose a ball for each scenario (worn leather, golf ball, rugby ball, or a special ball for ice) to optimize your strategy. DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER! Start scoring goals in Slide Soccer! Find all of your favorite games at and get the latest on May the best player win!