SLR Pro Picture Booth

OS X 10.6.6
Your Photo Booth software, as simple as professional. Plug in your D-SLR Camera, hit "Start", and watch the software takes the pictures, draw your photo strip and print it! That's only one click after downloading the software. Are you a professional and want to add your personal touch? Use any of the features that will allow you to design your Photo Booth the way you want : - Different layouts, with different numbers of pictures (classic 4-pix strip, old style in portrait, single shot, black and white…) or just create the layout you want ; - Add a logo, a background, a transparent foreground, use any image you want. Auto-print, Double strip and triple strip options, or print 2 different strips on one sheet and save on paper ; Redo your best photo strips with a single drag & drop of your favorite images ; - Enable the "surprise video" and scare your guests! - Send the photo by email automatically ; - Show a transparent video while your booth is on idle… Live View on CANON cameras, with pictures still taken in full quality. All photos are saved on your hard drive in full quality. Choose each image, each sound, or use the sample ones. Set any timer. Choose the name of all files and folders ; Check and uncheck each option, drag & drop any file you want to use. Need more? Take videos with your D-SLR (Canon) or webcam; Create a flip book, still in one click! Have a 3rd screen? Display the live view outside of our booth, or the last 4 photo strips made; add a QR-code linked to your website. Let your guests start the session with a USB button, a wireless remote (or your mouse or keyboard), a touchscreen, or reach the next level and connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad… Need something else? Chances are that it's hidden in the software already... Each feature has been added according to your requests, let me know what you need and I will be happy to customize my soft for you. Compatible with all printers, with special features for professional dye sublimation printers. All Canon DSLR, Nikon and other brands (without live view/video then) ; Photos will be taken at full quality (30 million pixels if that's what your camera offers) You can totally use your webcam instead of a D-SLR. Support: my personal email address. I'm the designer/developer/user, and my job is to make make sure each of your events is​ a success, even now that I have customers on 6 continents. Facebook available from the Remote App. - No annual fee - No limitation - Updates have always been free since the beginning in 2010.