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IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! I kindly beg you to ASK FOR HELP in case of any trouble, you can always write to or, PLEASE help to make Smart Tunes a better product with your valuable feedback! I will do my best to answer within a day! Smart Tunes is a small tool to monitor, manage, save and restore state of iTunes application from macOS status menu as iTunes currently lacks these basic features.   Currently available features • Automatic starting and stopping of iTunes at Smart Tunes startup and exit • Monitoring, saving and restoring iTunes last played track and playing/paused state on ⁃ Computer waking up ⁃ Computer lock/unlock ⁃ User session activation • Customizable displaying iTunes and currently played track status in the macOS status menu • Controlling iTunes via a nice mini app embedded in the macOS status menu • Searching iTunes tracks from the macOS status menu using customizable hot-key Any feature requests, bug reports are highly welcome!