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Snowman VS Fire

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An arcade-style survival game inspired by the mobile game "Don't Touch the Spikes." Move around the room avoiding flames, mortar attacks, and a variety of other objects that intend to melt the snowman. Collect carrots and use them to purchase upgrades such as Faster Movement. The level of difficulty gradually increases as things get more and more chaotic as the player progresses through the 100 levels. We gave ourselves four design challenges while creating Snowman VS Fire. Three of the four design challenges fall under the same theme, minimalism. We aimed to have minimal player input, minimal playable areas, and minimal user interface. The fourth design challenge was meaningful player death. We placed a lot of thought into player death and how it can be used to sustain immersion. Controls: To satisfy minimal player input the player only needs to control the cursor and use the left and right mouse buttons to play the Snowman VS Fire. -Left click moves the player character. -A single click of the right mouse button brings up the user interface. -A double-click of the right button will open the pause menu.