Sonic Atom – RT Audio Analysis

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Multi-instrument, audio analysis and metering software for Post and Broadcast Engineers, Music Engineers, Video Editors, Sound Designers and Composers and everyone else that works with audio. REALTIME METERING SOLUTIONS You can use Sonic Atom to comply with industry standards (like the CALM Act), to monitor, visualize and analyze all essential aspects of your audio signal. Furthermore, you can comply with the latest loudness standards like ITU BS.1770-4, EBU R128 (G10), ATSC A/85:2013 and more. Ensure your audio won't clip in the analog domain with the True-Peak meter and that you have a healthy LRA with the Loudness Range Meter. KEY FEATURES • Realtime Visual Intelligence • Speed and Accuracy • Individual Metering Windows • Multichannel Support (up to 5.1) • Full Loudness Metering Suite • Light and Dark Mode Color Schemes • Data and Graph Export TOOLS INCLUDED • Spectrograph - Frequency Spectrum Display • Spectrogram - Frequency Spectrum History • Goniometer - Stereo Image Visualizer • Phase Correlation - Channel Relationship Meter • Level Meter - Level History Display • Level Dynamic Range - Level Distribution Analysis • MultiLevel Meter - Multichannel Level Monitor • Loudness Meter - Loudness History Display • Loudness Range (LRA) - Loudness Distribution Analysis • Programme / Integrated Loudness - Loudness History Analysis • Peak and True-Peak Meter - Peak History Analysis • LEQ Meter - Loudness Integration Analysis • Oscilloscope - Waveform Display • Tuner - Fundamental Tone Finder and History Display AUDIO SOURCES • Any Core Audio Compliant Audio Hardware • AUAudioFilePlayer (Audio Unit) • AUNetReceive (Audio Unit) OTHER FEATURES • State Recovery • Easy to Use Help Documents TAKES ADVANTAGE TO THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES: • Retina Display • 64 Bit • Full Support for macOS High Sierra For more details please check our page.