Source Player

OS X 10.9.0+
Source Player is a full functional GPU accelerated video player. It supports almost all common video types and playback functionality. Playing video with Source Player is smooth and enjoyable. Furthermore, it provides many useful functionalities for English study, such as: # View definitions easily as you watch videos. When you watch videos with Source Player, you can click the word (or select the phrase) in the subtitle to display the definition in pop-up. It's far more efficiently than search the definition in a separated dictionary. # Loop lines with drag and select With the build-in subtitle panel, you can drag and select lines to loop them as many times as you wish. # View definitions in configurable web dictionaries. Other than the native macOS dictionary, Source Player comes with 10 selected web dictionaries, each one has its own character and benefit. You can even change an existing web dictionary to your favorite one. # Browse and play YouTube videos. Source Player comes with build-in YouTube browser and player. Your favorite channels will be your valuable learning resources. # Save word or phrase to word book. You can save the words you met in videos for later study. # Download subtitles automatically Source Player is integrated with two subtitle search engines, you can search and download the subtitles for the current movie with one click. # Hide hardcoded subtitle Some video files may hardcoded the subtitle onto the video frame. There is no easy way for a traditional video player to hide it. Source Player fix this problem with an elegant solution.


Source Player:专为英语学习者设计的视频播放器

我相信像我这种习惯在 iMac/MacBook 上看外国影视剧的朋友不在少数吧?而且又喜欢通过纯英文(或中英结合双字幕)字幕提高自己的英语阅听能力,但现在遇到的障碍是,你需要暂停播放,然后在其他软件或手机app上再查找这个单词的意思,这样的效率太低了,但现在好了,有了 Source Player 这...