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SourceDrop is a PasteBin client which allows you to easily share your snippets by drag and drop. Just drop your snippet on the SourceDrop icon in the menu bar and it will be uploaded to the configured PasteBin provider. + Drag & Drop Drop a source selection or files on the SourceDrop icon in the OS X menu bar at the top right of your screen to share snippets. + Recent Uploads SourceDrop stores a history of your recent uploads. It allows you to review your recent uploads at a later date. + Growl Notifications Support for Growl Notifications allows to send you notifications when an upload is finished. Just click on the notification to view the created paste in your browser. + Services Support SourceDrop provides support for the Services menu. Select source and choose 'Share selection with SourceDrop' in the Services menu. + Custom Hotkey Define a Hotkey to share your clipboard content by using a custom hotkey. + Support for PasteBin, TinyPaste and GitHub GIST You are able to use your favorite paste bin provider.