Speech Recorder

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 4.99
Speech Recorder is one of those essential tools which proves to be very useful at various times. It gives you an intuitive interface in which you can take notes and record audio at the same time. Features Easy to add speech entry Add speech title, speech person, category, date and time Organize notes and recording, group wise Record speeches or conversations multiple times under a single title Play recorded track instantly inside the app and start reviewing the note Add image inside a note Share note via email or print by exporting PDF Use unique tags for every speech entry and search using them Sync all your data across iPad and Mac via iCloud Speech Recorder has multiple uses: business meetings, group discussions, college lectures, etc. The idea behind developing such an app was to give users a better way of reviewing the notes taken in meetings. And what could be a better solution than a recorded track of the moments at which they were spoken? You will definitely want to use this app whenever you are attending any sort of meeting.