Speech Timer for Toastmasters

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Get your club meetings on-time without needing to cut short anybody's presentation. Use Speech Timer to orchestrate your club meetings and accurately deliver your Timer's reports. With Speech Timer, every speaker will be kept in check of their alloted time and makes overtimed meetings a thing of the past. Speech Timer helps you to: - Ensure that each speaker are in time and notify them accordingly. - Remember each speaker's name, their speech, and how long they spoke. - Present & distribute the timer's report at the end of the session. Features & Benefits - Status board – show the timer, speech, and orator information on a connected display. - Time signal – flash the status board in green, yellow, or red to signal the orator. - Compatible for the chromatically challenged – positional time marks in addition to color changes. - Share timing report to all participants via e-mail. - Save a copy of the timing report in a spreadsheet-compatible file. This app is not affiliated with Toastmasters International. Reviews "... was clearly written by someone who understands [a Toastmaster's] need" – Paul Salvidge (UK App Store).