Speed Reading for Kids: Sight Words and Grammar

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Teachers and parents all over the world use Sight Words with Edi the giraffe as a funny and effective method to improve the reading skills of their kids. Welcome to the Mac version of the popular iPhone & iPad game. The concept is really simple: Edi the giraffe displays words for a fraction of a second. The aim is to recognize the words correctly without sounding them out letter by letter. The level, speed and part of speech can comfortably be adjusted to the level of the child. The app is based on the 500 most common english words. It is developed for parents and their children as well as for schools. *** Why Sight Words? *** In the beginning of the reading process a child reads a word letter by letter and combines these letters to a meaningful expression. Later, the kids do that without sounding out letter by letter. The transition from the first to the second phase causes problems for many children. This is where this app helps. Here, the child has no chance reading each word letter by letter during the short period the word flashes. This is why this whole-word method is often used as a training in schools to improve the reading speed of the children. It is especially helpful for children with dyslexia. *** Game modes *** Teacher mode: here you can accompany your pupil. You sit beside the child and check by yourself the words it tells you. Single player mode: here you let the child work alone. The kid writes the shown word into a textbox and the app automatically checks the given answer. Here the child also practices the spelling of the 500 most common words. The more successful the kid is, the more rewards it gets, which can be proudly shown to the parents or to the teacher. *** Settings *** - words per round: 10-40 - speed: 2s - 0.02 seconds - part of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, particles or all together