Timerous: Time Tracker Alarm

OS X 10.13
PLAN, TRACK & ANALYZE THE TIME YOUR WORK IN YOUR PROJECTS Boost your productivity and performance NOW! Feel good achieving your everyday goals. Are you looking for a tool that helps you track the time you spend in your different projects at work? If yes, Timerous is for you. Are you looking for an app to work using the Pomodoro technique? With Timerous you can work with Pomodoro Technique™ (25 minutes for your works sessions and 5 minutes for breaks), but it is totally configurable with your own values. What about your productivity? Do you feel you get distracted easily? Timerous can help to maintain your focus, work motivated and doing the important things. In time management, time boxing allocates a fixed time period, called a time box, to each planned activity. Several project management approaches use timeboxing. It is also used for individual use to address personal task in a smaller time firm. It usually improves the productivity of the user. With the use Timerous for Mac you will have an excellent tool that clarify the use you do of your most valuable and precious good: YOUR TIME! CONFIGURE YOUR PROJECTS AND TASK - Time tracker for your Projects and related Tasks - Reports and statistics of your finished sessions per day - Browsing task and projects according to date - You can restore unfinished session easily CUSTOM CONFIGURATION FOR YOUR TIMERS - Configurable voice alerts to know the state of your session without annoying alerts - Custom your Work and Break periods (duration, ring alarm and relaxing sounds, notifications and alerts) - You can control the volume of your alerts - Optional ticking sounds for your periods - Option for automatic session restart after your breaks - Simple countdown timer that automatically restarts (optional) EASY TO USE - Global shortcuts (hotkeys) for control your important session actions (start, stop, pause & resume) USER INTERFACE - Fast and easy configuration - Minimalistic and clean interface - Launch at startup option SUPPORT - Continuous improvements - Excellent support for customers TRY IT TODAY IS FREE! Legal Notice Timerous App is not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo. Pomodoro Technique™ and Pomodoro™ are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo.