Speedy Courier

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Enjoy Speedy Courier Runner, a new videogame in which you control the fastest flying courier in the galaxy. In Speedy Courier you must demonstrate all your skills, abilities and reflexes while you dodging buildings along the map at a very high speed. But attention! A bad move will cause an accident and the collision will seriously jeopardize the courier´s mission. With its fantastic and attractive 3D graphics, addictive level and frenetic speed, Speedy Courier Runner will entertain you for hours. Characteristics: -Incredible 3D graphics. -Great sense of speed. -Travel around the different stages while the difficulty increases. -A frenetic and addictive game that will keep you glued to your screen. -Power Ups to improve your record and to keep you in the top of the ranking. -Hurry up and get Speedy Courier! ---- Speedy Courier Runner in 3D is a virtual reality videogame developed by 3y3.net studio and edited by Tizona Interactive.