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Easily convert images to Xcode-friendly app icon sets with only a few clicks. SquareIcon is a beautiful app that quickly converts images of your Apple app icon to an icon set file that can be used by Xcode. This helps your app icon look great at any size on any device. Designed for Mac • SquareIcon is built with a user-friendly design that is distinctly Mac. • Image conversion is done using fast and well-integrated Apple API to ensure a great experience when generating icon sets. • With dark and light interface modes, you can customize SquareIcon’s look and feel. • Features like drag and drop make the app easy and natural to use. Compatibility • SquareIcon is compatible with many image formats, including PDF. • Compatible icon platforms are macOS, iPhone, iPad, and watchOS • Icon sets are designed to work with Xcode 9, so even your newest projects can have great icons.