PDF Merge+Split

OS X 10.6
PDF Merge+Split: the best tool to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF, split a PDF to multiple PDF files, reorder the pages of a PDF, keep or remove the specified pages of a PDF. KEY FEATURES: ◆Powerful page range setting for merging or splitting, reverse order page range or repeat page range supported(for example, page range could be like “3,3,4”, “10-5,6-78,10”, “2,3,6-10,23-7,3”.) ◆Easy to use, simply Drag & Drop into list, then just click the button to merge or split. ◆An advance option to add files recursively form subfolders into list to merge. ◆An advance option to order items in list by source file name, file size, output name, status or manual order for merging. ◆An advance option to merge all or selected files in the list. ◆An advance option to show output folder in finder after process or not. SUPPORT: You can refer User Manual from menu "Help -> PDF Merge+Split Help” for any assistance or contact support. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about using our products at any time. Email: support@firmshell.com