Star Conquest – Galaxian Trek and Planet Wars

OS X 10.11
The Galaxian Peace Treaty has collapsed and the Alliance is now at war with the Krigon Empire. A massive War Fleet invaded our Galaxy and your job is to wipe out the Invasion Fleet and make the Galaxy safe for Democracy! Are you ready for the mission? “Star Conquest” is a strategy/simulation game inspired by a very popular classical space exploration and combat text game. The game has now a modern user interface, completely redesigned to use the mouse of your Mac, while maintaining the original gameplay. Go around the universe at warp speed, battle enemies, find the star-bases to repair and refuel your starship! There is a limited amount of time to kill all the enemies: will you be able to save our Galaxy? Some features: * modern user interface; * sound and speech effects, background music; * based on the classical game engine; * HD graphics; * easy access to all commands; * detailed instructions; * playable for everybody and anybody! Fun for all ages! A must for any fan of simulation/strategy/space games and movies! * expressly and exclusively designed for Apple’s platforms (Mac and iOS). Thanks for using our products. Feedback is always welcome to: App Store reviews are greatly appreciated, thank you.