STEM Islands. Heat and cold

OS X 10.6
Instead of studying the phenomena of nature in a classroom, a Physics Teacher and two students – a bright girl and a curious boy – set out on an amazing journey to various wondrous STEM Islands. On island “Heat and Cold”, we will learn interesting facts about thermal phenomena, such as evaporation and condensation. We will explore the water cycle and learn how to make an ice cream. At the end, we will play a game! Join the Physics Teacher and his students in their amazing journey. The tour includes visits to an ice-factory, railroad crossing and many other interesting places. Taping on a character will make him/her draw important conclusions of the learnt phenomenon. You’ll learn a lot of interesting facts about Evaporation and Condensation, Melting, Solidification and Water Cycle. Make your own route using a map. Most topics are complemented with fun games. Download "STEM Islands. Heat and cold" right now and start your tour into the world of knowledge. "Heat and Cold: STEM Island" includes 4 topics: •Thermal Expansion and Contraction •Melting and Solidification •Evaporation and Condensation •Heat Transfer FEATURES: • Four educational topics in one application. • Interactive game scenes are bound to help students master the learnt material and discover the laws previously unknown for them. • Fun and welcoming characters assisting in knowledge gaining. • Video and colorful animations help explain physical processes. • Fun activities present in every scene are sure to provide learners’ active engagement in the process.