Street Lighting Calc 2

OS X 10.10
Street Lighting Calc is a Cocoa macOS application specialised for road lighting calculations, such as monitoring the amount of energy used, fixtures layout by type, quantity and power, control and verification of compliance with requirements for road lighting planning. Street Lighting Calc is simply and powerful. It is based on a simple wizard anyone can use that allows the user to build the project, calculate it and obtain a complete report. The internal database can manage lighting source catalogues and multi-currency prices files With Street Lighting Calc you don’t need to be a specialist, simply fill the form and in few seconds you’ll be able to prepare a complete and professional lighting report, formatted following your style! The light sources, calculated as volumetric sources, are managed entirely by Street Lighting Calc, which allows you to import, display, edit and format: - IESNA LM-63 (American standards) - EULUMDAT (European standards) - drawings DXF (Street Lighting Calc van converts drawings photometry!) data files Photometric solids are summarised in 36 azimuthal C-curves and 180 zenithal gamma-angles, while the colour of the lamps is given by the colour temperature or real coluor. Street Lighting Calc can export to RTF a complete list, formatted according to user needs, of the installed products full of economic computing and electrical power. Available a utility for the road projects optimisation: given the width of the street, through the choice of a variety of sources, distance and height of the poles, brackets, inclination it builds a database for each configuration with all the performed simulations. Through the use of filters you can choose from all the simulations carried out those that meet the parameters of law, the minimum installed capacity per distance, the configuration with maximum average luminance. Street Lighting Calc works in metric or imperial units, runs on Apple computers running macOS. Street Lighting Calc include all the functionality of Lighting Source Manager. Optimized for macOS 10.12 (Sierra). Money back if you are not happy with your purchase.