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Suggester is a tool to assist in the creation of songs and chord progressions. This app will help you find chords that work together. It is efficient and fun; use it to build musical phrases that will carry emotion through tension and release. Select chords for their harmonic function. The app makes full use of the roman numeral notation. Simply click a chord to hear how it sound like. Press the play button to hear the chord progression sequentially and adjust the playback speed. You can work either forward or backward: FORWARD - Pick a scale, then build your song from the chords that the app suggests. That's the quickest way to assemble chords that are compatible. BACKWARD - From the catalog, pick a set of chords that you like. The app will tell you what scales it matches with. After you have selected the scale you want to use, the app can tell you what chords will fit in with the ones you entered before. That is extremely useful in jam sessions! To spice things up, you can borrow chords from parallel scales. You can also explore classic chord progressions. Use Drag and Drop to reorder chords. Every sound generated with the app is also sent to the MIDI output, configurable in the Preferences. You can route these notes to another app, an external MIDI port, or remotely to another computer by setting up a MIDI Network Session. You can also export to a MIDI file or plain text. You can trigger chords through the MIDI input. Sync your tempo with other apps with the help of Ableton Link. Drag a chord directly into any app that supports MIDI drag and drop, such as Logic Pro X. It includes all the features you like from the iOS version, plus a bunch of improvements: Multiple documents at the same time, full support for undo/redo, copy paste, improved drag and drop, right-click menus... and more! Instruments: • Piano • Electric Piano • Strings • Guitar Chromatic Harmony Devices: • Secondary dominant chords • Secondary leading-tone chords • Neapolitan chord • Augmented sixth chords (Italian, French, German) • Borrowed chords Scale Types : • Major (Ionian) • Natural Minor (Aeolian) • Dorian • Phrygian • Lydian • Mixolydian • Locrian • Harmonic Minor • Harmonic Major • Jazz Minor • Hungarian Minor • Phrygian Dominant • Major Blues • Minor Blues • Prometheus • Augmented • Diminished • Whole Tone • Neapolitan Major • Neapolitan Minor • Persian • Double Harmonic Major • Altered Dominant Chord Types : • major triad (maj) • minor triad (m) • dominant 7th (7) • minor 7th (m7) • major 7th (M7) • minor major seventh (mMaj7) • half-diminished seventh (m7b5) • major seventh flat fifth (Maj7b5) • minor major seventh flat fifth (minMaj7b5) • dominant seventh flat fifth (7b5) • dominant seventh sharp ninth (7#9) • dominant seventh flat ninth (7b9) • diminished seventh (dim7) • augmented major seventh (augMaj7) • dominant 7th suspended 2nd (7sus2) • dominant 7th suspended 4th (7sus4) • major 7th suspended 2nd (Maj7sus2) • major 7th suspended 4th (Maj7sus4) • 9th (9) • minor 9th (m9) • major 9th (Maj9) • minor major 9th (mMaj9) • 6/9 (6/9) • minor 6/9 (6/9) • diminished (dim) • augmented (aug) • added 2nd (add2) • minor added 2nd (madd2) • added 4th (add4) • minor added 4th (madd4) • added 6th (add6) • minor added 6th (madd6) • added 9th (add9) • minor added 9th (madd9) • suspended 2nd (sus2) • suspended 4th (sus4) • dominant eleventh (11) • sharp dominant eleventh (#11) • flat dominant eleventh (b11) • minor eleventh (m11) • major eleventh (Maj11) • minor major eleventh (mMaj11) • dominant thirteenth (13) • minor thirteenth (m13) • major thirteenth (Maj13) • minor major thirteenth (mMaj13) • Italian augmented sixth (It+6) • French augmented sixth (Fr+6) • German augmented sixth (Gr+6) • and more! Additional features: • Compatible with Ableton Link. • Full support for undo/redo. • Optimized for Retina Display.