SuperSize – Quality Photo Enlarger

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With this app you can enlarge your photos without losing details or getting too much pixelation! The quality resampling coupled with the batch processing capability will make this app a must-have tool. ≈ FEATURES ≈ - two different methods of enlarging photos. Using a modified Lanczos algorithm or a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) based algorithm. - ability to preserve EXIF, IPTC and general metadata - quick preview of enlarged photos and sizes - drag & drop photos to the dock SuperSize icon - process as many photos as you want with the batch processing capability ≈ INFORMATION ≈ The GPU-based algorithm works best with a dedicated graphics card. Enlarging very large photos might take some time depending on hardware specifications. Any photos with the same filename in the destination folder will be overwritten. ≈ SUPPORT ≈ For any questions or feedback, send an email at