Surveillix Remote

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The Surveillix Remote application allows you to seamlessly view live video from any EHV, EAV, ENV, DVS, NVS, HVS, IPS, or XVS using your Mac PC with OS X. Connect to your Surveillix DVR for remote surveillance and real-time monitoring. View live video of your cameras, control PTZ cameras, and search recorded video using a simple interface. Mac OS Version Supported: 10.6 Snow Leopard and greater PRODUCT SUPPORT: EHV Series Recorder (Firmware v2.0.0.5+) EHV D1 Series Recorder (Firmware v1.0.0.9+) EAV Series Recorder (Firmware v1.3.3.7+) ENV Series Recorder (Firmware v1.0.1.5+) DVS Series Recorder (Server v3.50.34+) NVS Series Recorder (Server v3.50.34+) HVS Series Recorder (Server v3.50.34+) IPS Series Recorder (Server v3.50.34+) XVS Series Recorder (Server v3.50.34+) Known Issues: - IK-WP41A PTZ support is not available for iPhone, iPad or Mac apps