Syder Arcade

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Game Description Syder Arcade is a multi directional side scrolling shoot’em up that nods to old-school games. Join the space army and move through asteroids, nebulas and enemies in order to defeat the alien menace. Born from Studio Evil's love for classics, Syder Arcade is a perfect fusion between arcade dynamics and a more modern gameplay, together with an amazing 3D graphics. The gamer will play the part of one of the humans from the space colony of Miza, attacked by a mysterious alien force. Choose your spaceship and get ready to use all the different weapons to defend your planet. Game Features - 6 beautifully rendered 3D realtime space arenas, plus a bonus survival mode! All the backgrounds are fully detailed and the various spacescapes project you inside Miza's stellar system; - 3 different ships! Make your choice and discover all the different weapons, including a special weapon for every starship: Alisade S-185 Mule, with its dense armor, praises a superior damage resistance. Its ability to manipulate mass and its Arc Plasma Cannon make the Mule a perfect battleship in both attack and defense; MSec-Alisade S-104 Dart features a good armor and a Pulse Laser able to pierce trough several targets. A fully miniaturized warp device turns the Dart in one of the fastest spaceships; Despite its low damage resistance, MSec S-116 Wasp is the perfect spaceship against small, swarming targets. Its strength is in the firepower, improved by Friend/Foe Mini Missiles and Twin Machinegun. -Face huge capital ships! Protect Green Ray support ship and support Orinoco cruiser and fight against giant enemies; Online High Scores board will allow you to match against players from all over the world! 20 different optional retro graphic flavours 4 difficulty levels, from normal to super hard