System Dashboard – 系统信息

OS X 10.11
The System Dashboard shows all the important characteristics of your system on a single page. Features: • System Overview The main window of this app will show the most important and interesting parameters of your system on a single window. • Today Widget If you do not want to open the app to check your system, you can use the today widget to check your system. Simply open the notification center, enable the System Dashboard Extension and from now on you check the system status with a single click! • Processor This category shows the total, user and system CPU usage. The number of threads and tasks is also shown. • Memory This category shows the used, wired, compressed and free memory of your system. The app also includes a lightweight memory cleaner that frees up memory space withing a few seconds! • Network The network category shows the current download- and upload speed but also the number of open connections and your internet IP address. • Batteries If you are using a device with a battery, battery information will be shown in this category. The app also checks the battery status of connected Bluetooth devices. The following devices are supported: Apple Magic Mouse, Apple Magic Mouse 2, Apple Magic Trackpad 2, Apple Wirelesss Keyboard, Apple Wireless Trackpad, Apple AirPods, Beats Solo 3, Beats X Find other great apps on my homepage: Contact: Contact form: Email: If you like this app, please leave a positive rating. Positive ratings help others find the app and also is a great motivator for me to further develop the app.