Tales of Inca: Lost Land

OS X 10.11
Explore an unknown country with your Incas and find lost paths through forests, deserts and mountains! Capture islands, marshes and volcanic landscapes to get closer to their goal. Imagine challenges such as dragons, monsters, or highwaymen, provide enough water for your fields, and light beacons to show the Incas the way. Take care of your raw materials so that there is no lack of wood or stone. Use the shamans to master even the most tricky tasks, with a little magic for blossoming landscapes, bubbling fountains, or the healing of the sacred tree. Spend enjoyable hours with "Tales of Inca - Lost Land"! • Many fun and exciting levels • Adventure in forest, desert, water, swamp, volcano and mountain landscapes • Monster, dragons and highwaymen • Awards and trophies • Easy to understand • Two difficulty levels