Videux Play LT

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Videux Play LT is a video player for the Mac, with multi-speed playback, customizable thumbnails, video details, ratings, pick/reject, search, filtering, full screen and more. If you have more than a couple of videos on your Mac, Videux Play LT can make them especially easy to access and play. Videux is highly optimized for extremely quick access to your videos, even with tens of thousands of clips. Most modern video formats are supported, and more are to be added soon. Videux Play LT is the "light" version of Videux Pro AS, the Video Organizer, Player and Workflow Assistant. Additional features can be added with In-App-Purchases. Purchasing both the "Stock" and "Playlist" In-App-Purchases upgrades Videux Player LT to the same functionality as Videux Pro AS.