Tapes: Screencast Sharing

OS X 10.12
Tapes is a screencast app living in your menu bar. Select part of the screen, record up to 3 minutes of video and instantaneously get a share link. Don’t type a long email to your team with static screenshots, use Tapes to show them what you accomplished. Don’t describe over the phone how to add a printer to your parents’ Mac, send them a tape so they can see for themselves. Tapes is simple to use and super fast. There is no waiting for the upload, the link is added to your clipboard immediately so you can share it over instant message, email or via Twitter. Because Tapes is designed for communication through short screencasts, there is a limit of 60 minutes to record in last 30 days. Our global statistics say that 98% users never reach 30 minutes recorded per month. The limit exists to make Tapes economically feasible and prevent abuse. You can also increase your limit by sharing a referral URL, it will give you 15 more minutes.