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The weather now app! This app doesn't just display the current temperature it also supplies current weather conditions as welll. If you want current weather and temperatures right now, without having to sift through pretty images and clumsy interfaces then Temperature by iLifeTouch is perfect for you. Satisfying your hunger for weather should take you seconds not minutes. Scan for current conditions and forecasts from your Status Bar and you are done. No matter where you are sitting in front of your mac, it is very comforting to have the current temperature displayed live on your dock and status bar. When you look out of your air conditioned office window or the frosted glass of your apartment, you will know what temperature it is outside at all times. It is like having your thermometer that use to hang outside your window, directly built into your mac. Features include +151 000 world cities including 44 000 US Zip codes + Current weather conditions and temperatures + Weather is just a click away + Easy to scan and move between different cities + Weather is updated every 15 minutes + Dock and Status Bar display current weather and temps Our app called Live Dock Weather has a larger amount of weather information for the exact same price. Please compare both apps before you decide on which app to buy. iLifeTouch building apps that make your Life easier one day at a time.