TemplatePro for Letters

OS X 10.10
TemplatePro for Letters comes with a vast library of pre-written sample letters comprising of different categories and subjects. You will easily get your hands on a letter for any given situation. Each category also has multiple templates which make it a comprehensive source of sample letters. By using this app, users will be able to draft email or letters concerning different situations within minutes. Just open up the app, find the appropriate template that suits his/her purpose the best, edit it and share. It is as simple as that. Users can export these sample letters to .rtf, .docx and .pdf formats in easy steps and save them separately outside of the app. TOP FEATURES: - A vast catalog of highly professional business letters, ready to use. - All the letters are sorted into appropriate categories. - Letters are editable inside the app itself. No need to copy paste in a different text editor. - Simple and easy to operate user interface. - Add user info like Name, Sign and Address in Preference window to appear on every letter by default. - Mark sample letters as Favorite that you use frequently and find them quickly in one place. - Share letters via email directly from the app. - Search for your letters by using app’s built-in search engine. - Export letters to TextEdit and PDF or Word document. - Print letters. - More than 100 templates are available in the app. Send emails in an instant by using this app and get results in minutes. Users can edit these sample letters inside the app and save them for future. All the letters in this app are drafted by professionals, which will fetch excellent results. It would definitely turn out to be an integral part of your social life as well as your personal life. So, download the app today and draft professional business letters in minutes. Disclaimer: The letters and contents of this app are designed for reference purpose only and do not convey any form of business guidance or development. The publisher of this app will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of this app.