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280 TEMPLATES FOR PAGES Templates for Pages (Nobody) is an amazing add-on for Apple's Pages app. It provides 280 templates for Pages in 35 categories. 35 CATEGORIES - Blank Paper - Brochures - Business Cards - Calendars (2018 and 2019) - Cards - CD & DVD - Certificates - Coupons - Envelopes - Essays (MLA, APA) - Fax Cover Sheets - Flyers - iBooks - Invitations - Invoices - Labels (Address Label, Shipping Label, Gift Label, Name Label) - Letters - Lists - Meeting Notes (Meetings Notes & Agenda) - Memos - Menus - Newsletters - Notes - Paper Types - Postcards - Posters - Programs - Quizzes - Recipes - Reports - Resumes - Schedules - Screenplay - Social Cards - Storyboards DIFFERENT PAPER SIZES All templates are available in US Letter and A4. Envelopes feature 6 common envelope sizes (#10, 6 3/4, 8x11, A2, C4, DL) and Posters are also available as Tabloid. EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE Once opened in Pages you can apply your own colors, fonts, pictures, etc. REQUEST TEMPLATES Tell us what templates you would like to see in the next update. IMPORTANT: PAGES REQUIRED!!! Make sure you have Pages - Apple's word processor. In order to open any of the templates, you need to have Pages installed on your device. You can download Pages from the Mac App Store. The only reason why you would not be able to open a template is if you did not have Pages installed on your device! ***Pages version 5.3 or higher required.