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Convert rich text to plain text Add gradient color (one by one character) for text Add random color (one by one character or word) for text Convert rich text to high quality image Scale up or down text paragraph This is a good tool to make scrolling text with iMovie. For example: https://youtu.be/ck9alJNpQWw How to use totally? 1 . Copy text from your text editor, such as Pages | TextEdit 2 . Click icon on menu bar or press global hotkey Control + Option + Command to quick popup menu 3 . Choose converting type from Text Gadgets’ menu list 4 . Paste the converted text or image from clipboard into your text editor How to use Gradient Color Palette? 1 . Click on color tile to change color 2 . Drag the color tile to change its order in palette 3 . Click Apply to apply the gradient color for the text from clipboard How to scale text's font size? 1 . Set the Step Value . For example,set it with value of 20% or -20% 2 . Click Scale to scale up (20%) or scale down (-20%) from clipboard