The Beast of Lycan Isle

OS X 10.6.6
Luna has been summoned by Tara, her best friend, to an ancient village on a remote island. Tara needs Luna’s expertise on a newly unearthed artifact that might prove the existence of the legendary cult of the Madra Alta, or Wolf Man. But when she arrives the locals are acting very strangely, her friend has disappeared, and terrible clues reveal a situation beyond her worst nightmare. She must rely on her fearless wit and trusted allies to find her friend. She must dig deep into the instincts and courage of her own inner animal to defeat the Wolf King himself. Features: Unlock the mysterious Museum and learn its dire secrets about the Mad Wolf King's past. Explore the island and the land of nightmares beyond, crafted by an award-winning art team. Can you uncover the truth and tame the Wolf King?