The Clockwork Man 2 – Ultimate Edition

OS X 10.6
The hit sequel to the loved Steampunk adventure is now available! [Press Reviews] ✪ "Another gorgeous game from Total Eclipse...A stunning piece to look at...the artwork will capture you in every scene. " --JayIsGames ✪ "Exquisite hand-drawn graphics, unique scrollable and zoomable scenes, cool steampunk theme, fresh and challenging puzzles" --GameZebo ✪ "A very good and incredibly polished hidden object game that is deep, varied, and interesting enough for adventure gamers to appreciate and enjoy." --Adventure Lantern ✪ "The sequel [...] I can confidently call one of the best adventures games I’ve played this year." --TruePCGaming ✪ "Sequels are generally thought to be superior to the games that spawned them. Developers learn from the experience, and [...] create something much better. Clockwork Man 2 is a fantastic exemplar of this paradigm." --TwoFedoras [Achievements] # Top 3 Best Hidden Object games of 2010 --JayIsGames [Description] Gear up for a fantastic journey in The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World, a unique Hidden Object Adventure game! Once again, join Miranda and her best friend, the robot, Sprocket, in an amazing tale through a parallel Victorian universe where steam fuels technology. A strange obsidian artifact leads Miranda on a quest for The Hidden World, a land lost in time and glimpsed through legends. Armed with an incessant thirst for knowledge, Miranda embarks on her journey-but she is not alone! Doggedly chasing her every step of the way, an unknown menace will do anything in his power to discover the legend for his own benefits. [Key Features] ★ Explore breathtaking Scrolling & Zoomable hand-painted scenes! ★ Solve innovative & exciting puzzles! ★ Call on Sprocket's upgraded gadgets, including an advanced progressive hint system! ★ Interact with colourful characters to advance your quest! ★ Enjoy several hours of game time, twice as much as the first game! [Ultimate Edition perks] ★ An additional underwater chapter! ★ An additional gadget for Sprocket: the Sonar! ★ A Freeplay mode with countless hours of hidden object fun! Watch the Trailer! --------------------------------------- The Clockwork Man 2 Companion Guide: Fully illustrated Game Guide, including the game’s soundtrack and more! --------------------------------------- The prequel is also available! Get The Clockwork Man now! --------------------------------------- Love Sprocket? Then get Sprocket's free puzzle game for iOS: A Clockwork Brain! --------------------------------------- Follow us on Twitter: Find us on Facebook: Follow us on YouTube: