The Crystals of Atlantis

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The Crystals of Atlantis – a match-three game with vivid graphics, unique gameplay and a compelling adventure back-story. Take on the role of a young, intrepid archaeologist working against the clock in a desperate bid to find four crystals to solve the mystery of Atlantis. Game modes: - Adventure mode: travel through the game world, taking part in the excavation of ancient treasure, hot on the trail of clues leading you ever closer to solving the mystery of Atlantis. - Free play: enjoy a quick match 3 game in the location of your choice and at a difficulty level to suit. Features: - Vivid, beautifully graphics - 5 unique locations including Egypt, China, and Babylon - 70 different levels - 6 power ups (i.e. bomb, lightning, or extra time) and a special Super Power - Option to play adventure or free play mode - Various unique level types yet to be seen in match 3 games e.g. collecting the pieces of an item. - Inventory – view all the treasures collected during the quest.