The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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Enter the whimsical world of Oz and be taken back into a timeless classic! Based on the tale of a majestic land, climb aboard for a magical ride into the world beyond the deserts. With the Wicked Witch of the East now gone, it is your duty to free the remaining Munchkins from their jeweled prisons and bring order back to the land of Oz. On the way, help the Scarecrow find his brains, the Tin Woodsman find his heart, and the Cowardly Lion find his courage! Are you brave enough to face the Wicked Witch of the West and the great and terrible Wizard of Oz? Only you can help Dorothy and Toto find their way home! Features: - Amazing Oz-themed graphics - Smooth, addictive match-3 gameplay - 50 levels spanning 10 chapters - Move diagonally! - Beautiful classical music Reviews and Customer Comments: "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz — features stunning visuals combined with an addictive gameplay." - Game du Jour "Lovely, fairy tale graphics. The music sets the mood for the story, almost felt like I was in a movie, and was well done... just an all around fun time waster. Obviously, I bought this one - 4 stars" - Molly539 (gamezebo) "I had to purchase 10 pieces of this Wizard of Oz game for party favors for 10 boys ages 4 to 10, the children loved it and said it was so much fun to play. I highly recommend this game - 5 stars." - G.Jones ( "Its a fun wee puzzle game that is easy to get into and VERY addictive! Say goodbye to your afternoon when you load this one up!" - Gavin ( "The game is a good way to while away a few hours, and kids will love its chirpy interface and visually rich imagery - 4 stars" - Aaman Lamba ( "I'm a Wizard of Oz fan and I Looooove this game! It is very cute." - player review (Yahoo Games)