Through With You!

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Through With You! is a surprising 3D first-person puzzle platform game straight from Sharadise! Can you take the challenge...? You find yourself in a room and see some dancing pick-ups around you. You only know how much pick-ups are left to find in each level -- but you have to find out HOW to find them and HOW to get to them! Sometimes they seem to be so near though "in reality" they are far. Explore your surroundings and collect the green kind of pick-ups only -- never the red ones! Look for little deviations around you which might be clues... Sooner or later you will find buttons which will help you to open doors to discover new rooms full of more secrets and surprises. Look out for the green exit doors (at times locked away behind glass) - they will bring you to the next level, but don't walk through them too early: You will only be able to play the comprehensive Bonus level if you have perfect scores on all 8 normal levels. Try to do this: - Use your "physical skills" (jump and run) and the power of observation. - Have the right ideas to get rid of obstacles and to resolve the puzzles! - Don't get confused in the labyrinths! - Have no fear of heights when slipping down the slides! - Take the ramps with power! - Make sure to be free from giddiness before stepping on the turntables! - Never forget to keep the overview and the orientation! Enjoy the following levels (with numbers of pick-ups): 1. Getting started (8 pick-ups) 2. Bit harder (45 pick-ups) 3. First signs of a puzzle (24 pick-ups) 4. Where's the button? (28 pick-ups) 5. Jump the gap (100 pick-ups) 6. Torque!? (105 pick-ups) 7. Turning paths (60 pick-ups) 8. Turning step (60 pick-ups) Bonus level: Expect the unexpected (150 pick-ups) Up and down and round and round... You can use the mouse to look around and to find your way, and W/A/S/D or the arrow keys to move -- just as you prefer. Press the space bar to jump - you will need this often! Press R to restart the current level if you messed-up. Keys can be reassigned. With savegame system to preserve your well-earned progress. What you can always expect from Sharadise games: No enemies, no violence, no lives to lose. No one will be spiked in our games or die by other means. We abhor such widespread "adventure" game elements. No race against the clock. We love what we are doing here at Sharadise. No age restriction. This game is suitable for all ages. All our games are complete -- no in-app purchases, no in-game advertisement. We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions! Feel free to send us your thoughts at If you're interested in updates or new games you can follow us on Twitter @SharadiseGames (