Toddler Trainer-Counting Toys

OS X 10.7
Toddler Trainer Counting Toys Pro teaches counting numbers 1-10 with the help of children’s toys. The application not only teaches number recognition, but also teaches to quantify objects. The child can therefore actually count objects instead of remembering numerals by rote. The patient and coaxing voice helps the child in counting. It also teaches to write the numbers by tracing. The repetition of counted numbers can help the child to remember better. The random order of questions builds the curiosity each time the child plays the game. Let your child learn counting while having a fun experience! What better way to learn than to start counting with toys that the child can relate to! Features: •Teaches counting with toys that children can easily relate to. •Teaches writing the number. •Patient and soothing voice to help the child count. •Repetition of counted numbers helps the child remember better. •Random order of questions keeps up the curiosity each time the child plays the game