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Touch Pong is the first game EVER brought to the Mac App Store to use the brand new Touch Bar. Pong - one of the first games ever created, brought to you using the newest apple hardware. FEATURES: • Brand new Touch Bar support to control your Pong paddle • A computer opponent which improves as you play! • Three difficulty modes to test your skill: Easy, Standard & Difficult • Local Multiplayer - Player 1 can use the touch bar or arrow keys and Player 2 uses the trackpad. • Simple, modern and high quality graphics • Can be played on Macs without Touch Bar too FEATURED ON: Venture Beat "If you have a new MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, then there’s a great new game for you to play. It’s a variation on Pong, the Atari classic from the 1970s." Macworld "Ferdinand Loesch’s TouchBar Pong turns the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar into a modern take on the classic video game Pong." "a perfect way to kill some time and play with Apple’s latest innovation!" CNET "This is by far the funnest of the group, and works well enough to play for an extended amount of time." Popular Mechanics "Pong is one of those classic games that never dies, it just gets reborn into different forms. In this case, it's reborn on the Macbook Touch Bar. Control your paddle with the touch bar, or for less fun, with the arrow keys."