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TraductoPro - 自动人力翻译本地化服务,适用于 Xcode 项目、App Store 元数据、市场营销材料和社交媒体内容 *** NEW PROMOTIONAL PRICE! *** As seen on TechCrunch, TUAW, FierceDeveloper & PulsoSocial, TraductoPro is your One Stop Shop for iOS And Mac App Localization. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY: "TraductoPro is by far the best localization tool I have ever used…, Nothing comes close." - Jason C. "We launched in our native language (English) but then realized our app would sell really well in Latin America. TraductoPro gave me everything I needed to localize and boost the sales in that region in little to no time." - Chuck M. "Super efficient customer service!!!" - Alessio Z. "Translation was a snap with TraductoPro." - Adrian F., Glue Applications "TraductoPro saved us countless hours of work and coding, localizing our apps and iTunes Store content. A simple investment to gain big rewards." - Greg B., Ozie Vision Software TraductoPro helps you approach app localization with sales and marketing in mind and helps manage all your localization projects in one place. In addition to automating Xcode projects localization, the application automatically imports from and exports to iTunes Connect your app's metadata localizations. - Increase your apps sales and downloads up to 300% instantly with Traducto localization. - Save tons of time and money along the way with TraductoPro automated localization. - The app significantly decreases developers’ time to market, saving time and money in development costs. - Get real and accurate translations from professional translators through TraductoPro built-in translation service. - Forgot to make your source code strings localizable, TraductoPro automatically converts them into localizable strings. - TraductoPro automates the manual and repetitive localization tasks so you can spend your time more valuably. (Leave the manual and repetitive localization tasks to TraductoPro and spend your time more valuably.) - With incremental translation only new and updated strings are sent for translation. - Chat with translators right from within your project dashboard. - Conveniently order translations from within the app and pay with credit card or Paypal (Non-App Store Version Only!). - Get your content translated into up to 35 languages. - Receive human translations within hours. - Have you previously localized your app somewhere else, no worries TraductoPro can import all your existing localization and set you on the path to painless localization. Watch the video at “Localizing applications is usually a painful last step for developers. TraductoPro is designed to reduce that pain and make localization an integrated part of managing any app development effort,” says Leigh Dow, spokesperson for Visual Frames, LLC. Now in a single tool you can manage all your apps translations and localizations. No more need to manually extract strings, find translators and send them manually for translation. TraductoPro does it all for you in a single interface.  You can find out more about TraductoPro features at Facebook: Twitter: @TraductoApp