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A rtf-text editor optimized for fast manual transcription of audio- or video material on the Mac. Now with subtitle editing support. Used around the world in research, education and journalism since 2008. MacBreak Weekly pick of the week on March 30, 2010. Features: * Media with tape behavior * Customizeable media-control shortcuts * Timestamps * Text substitution * Subtitle file import and export * Footpedal-support Free/Libre Open Source Software. The source code of Transcriptions can be checked out at GitHub. Please support further development of Transcriptions by filing bug reports and feature requests on the GitHub project homepage - or write an email. Before posting an app store review, please consider contributing to this open source project. Thanks to all supporters. How to use: Load media in the player, use the controls to adjust speed and volume, set keyboard shortcuts for media control in the preferences pane and type away. Transcriptions also supports text-substitutions by inserting "@" followed by a text-token. Insert timestamps into the text to jump to a particular position in the loaded media file. Supported media file formats (based on AVFoundation): * public.mpeg, * public.dv-movie * public.aifc-audio * * * public.3gpp * public.3gpp2 * public.avi * * public.aac-audio * * public.aiff-audio * * org.3gpp.adaptive-multi-rate-audio * * public.mpeg-4-audio * * * public.mpeg-2-video * public.mpeg-4 * public.mp2 * public.mp3 * * public.mpeg-2-transport-stream * public.ac3-audio *