Tricky Trail RC

OS X 10.6.6
Vroom, vroom, charge up your batteries — it's time to play with an radio control toys. Tricky Trail RC - this arcade racing on the micro RC vehicle with logic elements. Each vehicle toy has its own ability. One powerful and strong and can push objects, the other small and can travel in tight spaces. The third is able to travel and to charge other cars. Using the ability of each machine in the level, you will need to reach the finish line. Drive up and down cubes, blocks, or panels. Arm yourself with patience and mastery so you won't fly off. Go around obstacles slowly, steer the car carefully. You got stuck between big blocks or drove off the road? No problem! Simply press the "Return" button, and do that again! Collect stars in difficult spots, be resourceful and patient so you can collect them all. Features - 7 (Seven) a micro RC vehicle in toy land. - Each machine is unique and has its own function. - 20 thought-provoking puzzles in scene, each unique from the rest, all requiring an innovative solution. - realistic car handling.